Well I have been on the quest for the lighter softer loaf. Which needs a finer flour. I came across an old book.  The little House Cookbook. Frontier Foods from Laura Ingalls Wildler's Classic Stories. ISBN0-06--026418-7 ISBN 0-06-026419-5 lib. bdg.
"Today white flour comes to us from high speed mills where the germ and bran are removed from the grain as a first step. It is our "all-prpose" everyday flour; for us, whole wheat is something special. White flour actually starts as a yellowish powder that lightens with time. (see Bromide ) Bleaching agents are often used to speed up the process."
Unbleached flour seems to be more hospitable to yeasts. 
My next task is to grind on a coarser setting. In the past I have done it on a fine setting . Which is a nice loaf and excellent flavor but I do not want to buy flour any more when I can purchase the organic grain from my local mill. I will let you know how it goes.

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