I am a muddler and other tips

I am a muddler.  Not a professional. I have tried to make freshly ground whole wheat bread in the past. What I am sharing with you are the things that worked for me. Hope they help.
I use a Kitchen Aide Professional 600 also their attachments. I love my machine.
We have a small farm and grow red wheat, we purchase the white wheat from a local farmer.

I also have learned a lot from Create TV Lydia of Italy. Her tips work great. For example for pasta she recommends chilling the dough for at least 20 min. It makes it eaiser to work with. Another of her tips is once you have your pasta rolled to the thickness you want flour it and let it sit for 5 min. to dry a little.

I have found that I do not make the liniguini real thin when working with whole wheat because it tends to break. On my roller it do not go any thiner than 4 on the dial. Works great.

I use this attachment but I do prefer the next one

I use this attachment

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