Saturday, April 28, 2012

Trying something new

Today for the first time I am using my cast iron bread pan. It is nice so far because I preheat the oven to 170 for the rise after pulling my dough from the refridg.see (triple batch for freezing) placed dough in a bowl covered   in preheated oven as well as the pan. So when I place the formed loaf in pan it helps the rise time to be cut. Total rise time from fridge. to preheated oven to pan is apprx. 1hr. 15min. I will let you know how the crusts turned out with new pan.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

puff pastry

My husbands birthday is coming up. He is not a cake person I usually make him pie. Well I thought I would try something new. Puff pastry. Super easy, with vanilla pudding center. He loved it put his order in for chocolate filling. When They are done I will take a pic and share the recipe I know the only thing good for you in this is the freshly ground wheat flour I used, but it is  his B.D.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

why whole grain

Why whole grain? I believe most of us know the answer to that.  The problem is when you buy bread or pasta in the store and the package says whole grain.  First and foremost we should read the label and make surewheat is the first thing in the ingredients not corn or soy bean. Corn or soybean are the cheapest and do not give you the fiber you need. 
The best way to know whats on your plate is to make it yourself. There may be some who have bought whole wheat flour in the store and tried making bread by many of the conventional recipes. The result was something so heavy you could not throw it. Do not give up. Give my blog and recipes a chance. Especially in the page I wrote Getting Started.
I show a homemade sifter that takes more bran out, which can be sprinkled on top after the egg wash.This sifting  results in a lighter loaf.
Recently I posted a way to make dough in advance and freeze it. The loaf turns out even better. I will be adding pages as I go along.

Here are some interesting facts about Wheat
When you make the cereal it has the germ, oil and bran in it
Winter hard red Wheat
14.0  grams of protein
  2.2  grams of fat
69.1  grams of carbs.
  2.3 grams of fiber

36 Milligrams of calcium
383 Milligrams of Phorsphorus
3.1  Milligrams of Iron
370 Milligrams of Potassium

Friday, April 20, 2012


Well this goes against everything I have learned about making bread. Keep it from drafts. Put it in a warm place. From now on I am making it in advance freezing it and pulling it out when needed. No more waiting all day for the double rise and then rise in pan.
The texture was even fluffier and softer. 100% whole wheat is not usually as soft as white. I have perfected and softer texture through my homemade sifter but this goes beyond. It is as soft as store bought and without all the additives and with all the nutrients in tact. Check out the recipe for double batch and the freezing and thawing directions . ENJOY Bread Made easy.

how do I know its done

With bread the key question is how do I know its done.When a meat thermometer reads 190. Perfect it is done your crust should be golden brown. I prefer using Stoneware; My husband just bought me cast iron preseason  bread pans. Tomorrow I will be using them. I will let you know. I have a neighbor who swears by them.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

triple batch for freezing

I have just discovered that by making the dough and freezing it. Then pull out of the freezer and place it in the refrigerator; ( I did this at dinner time 5pm) Next morning I noticed it thawed and actually started to rise. I pulled it out placed it on the counter in a greased bowl with damp cloth to cover. Set my oven to the lowest temp 170 placed the bread pan in to preheat it and the oven. Once the oven was up to temp, turned it off. Pulled out pan, formed my loaf placed damp cloth over loaf pan placed in the oven, let rise double, score, egg wash bake at 420 for 20 min. 350 for 20min apprx. You know it is done when it is golden brown on top and insert a meat thermometer it should read 190.  Check out getting started for more hints and pictures to walk you through dough preparation

Ok here is the recipe for the triple batch.

my sifter. cookie tin spatter screen taped on where the lid goes. cut whole the size of a cool whip container. what you sift off is bran which weighs the loaf down. You can sprinkle on top after you used egg wash. Or use in cereal.
I use freshly ground 50% winter hard red wheat 50%winter hard white wheat

4c warm water
4tbl yeast (not quick rise)
1/4c oil (I use light virgin olive)
1/4 local honey or local maple syrup
2tsp sea salt
10c whole wheat flour sifted my way. You can use store bought.

This makes 3 loaves. I use a 3c measure to have them 3 equal loaves. Spray freezer bags or container either of these have to be double the size of the dough because believe it or not it rises in the freezer. I place them in separate containers so if I am ready for a loaf I place in refrigerator overnight pull out in the morning, and go from there.


Goodmorning whats on your plate today

I try to encourage people to buy local. Whether it is a mom and pop store, or your local farmer. I know many of you live in cities. If you do not know a farmer, especially a small farmer, where often times you can get your grain from them. Encourage your mom and pop market to carry local produce, meat, grain. The grain can be set up like a bulk food type style where you scoop a cup or two rather than by pound.

I love this country. If we support each other nothing can stop us. I would rather have local honey, syrup, grain, produce,meat. I have more control over what I am consuming and also encouraging those who produce it. THERE IS NOTHING BETTER THAN BREAD OR PASTA MADE FROM FRESH GRAIN GROUND IN YOUR OWN HOME.
Another way to to do this is the mom and pop store can offer freshly ground grain, like we do coffee. Have it ground use it within 72hours for top freshness. I freeze mine to keep all the goodies inside.
I am only promoting you, us, and ours. I love this country!!!! 
Need help with using the grain check out my blog. I am very new at blogging I only started because I finally made a whole wheat loaf of bread that was moist and delicious .
I hope this  encourages you !!!!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Whole wheat cereal

First you will need roller mill for cereal. Go on web for best price. Wheat can be ground for flour or milled(hulled kernels) for berry within the shell you have the wheat germ,oil, bran all in one.

Third you will need whole red wheat berries. I purchase mine local from a farmer. If that is not possible in your area. Walmart at times will carry it; check your local supermarket or go on line. I prefer fresh from the farmer.

roller mill 119.95
I like using a thermos with boiling hot water; and place rolled wheat in tighten lid leave till morning. I put mine in a bowl the next morning if needed add some water; microwave to re-heat add toppings local honey etc.

I use a Thermos

Soak 1 cup of wheat overnight in 2 cups boiling water. Next morning place either in pot on stove or container for microwave add enough liquid to cover heat till tender

Serve like oatmeal.

Getting Started

perfect bread
French Bread
Bread is basic; yeast, water, salt, flour

When you are using wheat you just ground the best key is sifting. I could not find a sifter which sifted fine enough.
My husband made a sifter from a spatter screen; large cookie tin (you buy them with butter cookies etc. at christmas) and duck tape; 

Taking the spatter screen and tape it to the side that the lid fit on. On the bottom of the tin. Cut a round hole and about the size of a cool whip container. After grinding your wheat place the flur in this and sift over something large enough to catch. This will give you a fine terrific flour.

If you get store bought wheat flour you can also use this for a finer flour

Do not throw the bran away. Place it on cereal such as oat meal etc.


things you need


freshly ground red wheat
4 1/4 - 5 c flour apprx  I say apprx. Because many variables/moisture in the flour esp. fresh ground
4tbl yeast
1 1/2 c warm water
1 tsp sea salt

Bake 400 degrees for 20 min turn down to 350 for 20 min

When placing the yeast into the water it should bubble after adding a little flour. I use a mixer with bread hook. You can do it by hand slowly blend all ingredients. If using white bread flour the dough should be smooth as a babies behind. If you are using wheat flour I like min a little sticky. It will incorporate while rising.
One way to ensure a faster rise, heat your oven to the lowest temp. mine is 170 once it comes up to temp turn off oven place bowl or container with a lid. If you use a container make sure everything is oiled lid as well. If a cloth make sure it is damp.

I like doing a double rise. Place dough in one of the following
I use a crock with lid;
You can use a large bowl

let rise 40-45 min. until double. Punch down once doubled let rise again 30-40 min

Now form your loaves, if using a bread pan spray or brush with oil. You can also form it like a french bread and place on a cookie sheet. Cover with damp cloth let rise till it doubles, then score the top with a sharp knife or scissors.

I like brushing mine with egg wash, egg and tbl. water

 I hope the media pics will help                        

not yet


ready it pulled away from sides

just sticky

cover wait 40-50 min

perfect rise
ready to make loaves

punch down
cover with damp cloth
ready to score


time to do the egg wash