Products I have used and liked

Before we grew our own wheat I purchase at Walmart Montana wheat berries (that's the whole grain)
it came in a 25lb bag . Here is their website

I also used King Arthur Flour and Hodgens Mill. I especially like the Hodgens Mill yeast. In each packet of the Hodgens Mill yeast they give extra. That is why my recipes call for a tablespoon of yeast rather 2 tsp. It makes a softer loaf.

I prefer stoneware bread pans. I try to avoid aluminum.

nutrimill electric grain
mill 299.00 Lehmans

I just purchased cast iron bread pans I will let you know . I like the idea that they are unbreakable because I am a klut

lodge logic cast iron bread pan
16.95 also at lehmans

Bennington Potters
loaf pan
roller for grain
119.95 at Lehmans
this is used to make

King Arthur Bench Knife
Great for clean up
and cutting dough
I also use for a reference book The Book of Whole Grains By Marlene nne Bumgarner illustrated by Maryanna Kingman copyright 1976 by Marlene Anne Bumgarner ISBN 0-312-09420-7
kitchenaid professional 600 series
6 quart stand mixer
watch for sales and free shipping

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