Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bread: tomorrows bread

Bread: tomorrows bread: Tonight you can take out your frozen dough. Place it  on the counter in the same container you froze it in . I use ziploc bags . Chosing one...

tomorrows bread

Tonight you can take out your frozen dough. Place it  on the counter in the same container you froze it in . I use ziploc bags . Chosing one  double the size of dough to give room for rising.  You can also place it in a corning casserole dish with lid. Let it sit on the counter over night.

In the morning you form your loaf.  Check out some suggestions in the post titled So many variations.

If it is a loaf you want then let rise for 45 min once loaf is formed. Preheat oven 375. The low temp will allow the loaf to rise in the oven.

Do not forget to score; sharp knife or scissor 2 to 3 cuts gently across loaf.
 Instead of egg wash try gently brushing oil (infused would be great) or butter .
Once that is done place in oven .

Bake for apprx 45 min.
You know it is done when the middle reaches 190.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

So many Variations

Once you have the basic recipe down pat, and you are comfortable with making freshly ground whole wheat bread.  Then it is time to experiment. Using other flours such as barley, rye, rice flour, potato flour.

Sometimes when I have boiled potatoes in advance for that nights dinner I use the water as my liquid. Other variations I do would be addition of Molasses, and instant coffee some cocoa to make a pumpernickel bread. Using seeds, sesame seed, caraway, and the like.

Also if you add extra honey and cinnamon it is awesome. Play with it and enjoy your perfect healthy bread.
Do not forget nuts, raisins and dried fruits.

When we have apples in the fall I will also incorporate it into my loaf with cinnamon and extra honey some walnuts. Really a great breakfast toast.

Consider also instead of making a loaf make hamburger buns. They are hearty and filling.

 Also eggs could be added

Some other ideas could be herb infused oil. I truly like oil with cilantro; parsley. I would suggest when using infused oil also add some fresh herb which is in the oil to get a bling flavor.

Make flat bread; same as if you were making pizza. Instead of the regular toppings use your infused oil and sprinkle Parmesan cheese add fresh herbs that will complement the infused oil. Now bake at 400 till done. You want it brown. This is great alone or use instead of chips with dip.

Make the flat bread ; on top do scrambled eggs, browned crisp bacon; and cheddar cheese for a breakfast pizza

Flat bread with cinnamon and sliced apples sprinkle sugar or do your favorite crumb topping.

another one:

Take your dough and roll out to about an inch thick and no wider than your loaf pan. place butter garlic powder; ;and garlic salt; mozzarella cheese. roll the dough tight to form your loaf. Now proceed as directed to bake. You know it is done when the center reaches 190

sesame seed

Friday, May 4, 2012

Sandwich recipe

You will need for 2 sandwiches. 2 beef patties ( we buy our beef from a local farmer)
                                                  4 slices of your home made bread
                                                   4 slices of your favorite cheese ( I used provolone)
             Butter or Margarine   a Foreman Grill or fry pan.
             Heat grill or fry pan; butter all four slices of bread.
             Cook burger. Once beef patties are done do not turn off grill. Place one slice of buttered bread,
             butter side down.  Place one slice cheese on bread you just place on foreman grill (fry pan)
             place precooked beef pattie on top of the cheese, then another slice of cheese on top of beef pattie
             now place the last two slices of prebuttered bread on top butter side up. Close foreman grill                   cook 5 min.
This can also be done with chicken breast. Also a good way to make a tuna melt.