special hints

When making whole wheat bread dough leave it sticky (check out getting started there is a pic)

You know it is done when the inner temp is 190
Tale upir frozen dough out of the freezer the night before leave on counter. You can form your loaf let rise 20 min. Set oven 375 bake 40-45min apprx or-----

When you pull your frozen dough out of freezer the night before place in refrigerator
In the morning knead it into loaf then place in pan. Cover place in preheated oven at 170 (now turned off)
which is the lowest temp your oven can go. Let rise double about 1" above top of loaf pan.

Score the loaf after this rise (Check getting started this is a pic)

When I cover my loaf pan I use plastic wrap and spray oil on it, loosely cover loaf. Or a damp cloth.

I always do double rise but now I believe my favorite way is to make a double batch and freeze till needed.
No more waiting all day, plan ahead it is great. If you find you did not plan ahead the next best thing is the double rise. (Check out getting started for directions and recipe)

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