Getting Started making bread

perfect bread

French Bread
Bread is basic; yeast, water, salt, flour

When you are using wheat you just ground the best key is sifting. I could not find a sifter which sifted fine enough.
My husband made a sifter from a spatter screen; large cookie tin (you buy them with butter cookies etc. at christmas) and duck tape; 

Taking the spatter screen and tape it to the side that the lid fit on. On the bottom of the tin. Cut a round hole and about the size of a cool whip container. After grinding your wheat place the flur in this and sift over something large enough to catch. This will give you a fine terrific flour.

If you get store bought wheat flour you can also use this for a finer flour

Do not throw the bran away. Place it on cereal such as oat meal etc.


things you need



freshly ground red wheat

4 1/4 - 5 c flour apprx  I say apprx. Because many variables/moisture in the flour esp. fresh ground
4tbl yeast
1 1/2 c warm water
1 tsp sea salt

Bake 400 degrees for 20 min turn down to 350 for 10 min check doneness with theometer should read 190
when done go by 5 minute intervals after that.

When placing the yeast into the water it should bubble after adding a little flour. I use a mixer with bread hook. You can do it by hand slowly blend all ingredients. If using white bread flour the dough should be smooth as a babies behind. If you are using wheat flour I like min a little sticky. It will incorporate while rising.
One way to ensure a faster rise, heat your oven to the lowest temp. mine is 170 once it comes up to temp turn off oven place bowl or container with a lid. If you use a container make sure everything is oiled lid as well. If a cloth make sure it is damp.

I like doing a double rise. Place dough in one of the following
I use a crock with lid;
You can use a large bowl

let rise 40-45 min. until double. Punch down once doubled let rise again 30-40 min

Now form your loaves, if using a bread pan spray or brush with oil. You can also form it like a french bread and place on a cookie sheet. Cover with damp cloth let rise till it doubles, then score the top with a sharp knife or scissors.

I like brushing mine with egg wash, egg and tbl. water

 I hope the media pics will help                      

not yet


ready it pulled away from sides

just sticky

cover wait 40-50 min

perfect rise
ready to make loaves

punch down

cover with damp cloth
ready to score


time to do the egg wash

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