Triple batch recipe for freezing

I use freshly ground 50%winter hard red wheat 50% winter hard white wheat
You can use store bought 50% whole wheat flour and 50% unbleached organic white flour
 4c warm water
4tbl. yeast (not quick)
1/4c oil ( I use light virgin olive oil)
1/4 c local honey or local maple syrup

 2 tsp sea salt
this is my homemade sifter
cookie tin with  spatter
screen taped where the lid
goes and on the bottom
cut opening the size
of a cool whip container
10c whole wheat flour sifted my way.

This make 3 loaves. I use a 3c measure to have them 3 equal loaves. Spray freezer bags or container either of these have to be double the size of the dough 6c container. Place in freezer  until ready to use.

Yes it actually rises in the freezer a little. I wrote a page what to do once you pull this out of the freezer.



I like the dough just a tad sticky
so when you are putting in flour
the last two cups go slow
that is why I say apprx

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